Reckless (146 gr.)

MHP Reckless 146 gr.
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The New Class of Pre-Workout

MHP’s Reckless™ goes far beyond your basic high stimulant pre-workout. Reckless is a fully loaded, university tested pre-workout engineered to improve your physical and mental performance.  This pre-workout formula uses a synergistic combination of ingredients to not only give you an intense energy boost, but the strength, endurance, pumps and focus you desire without the crash* Feel the Rush! Available in Blue Slushy and Watermelon flavors.

  • University Tested Formula
  • Increases Focus, Energy & Concentration*
  • Boosts Blood Flow and Pumps*
  • Reduces Cortisol, Anxiety and Jitters*
  • Promotes Skill Development, Reaction Time & Mood Enhancement*
  • Supports Endurance, Strength, Power & Hypertrophy*
  • Informed-Choice Certified

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