Take Off (120 caps)

MHP Take Off 120 caps
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Ephedra Free Xtreme Energy Fat Burner Fights Midday Slumps and "No Energy" Workouts

  • Increase Energy
  • Decrease Bodyfat
  • Improve Performance and Concentration

TAKEOFF's synergistic ingredients work together to provide an immediate burst of energy to fuel you through an intense workout and keep you on the go through your busy day. Its scientifically balanced performance formula was designed to increase energy levels and boost metabolism—WITHOUT EPHEDRA! This revolutionary formula will maximize thermogenic fat burning, improve concentration and physical performance, and dramatically increase energy.

"TakeOFF's High Energy Formula is the Result of Many Months of Research on the Very Best Energy Yielding Nutrients Available in the Natural Products Industry Today"

Gerard Dente
- MHP President and CEO

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